about DAIRNet

DAIRNet brings together thought leaders from Defence, academia and industry to provide strategic advice and innovative AI solutions to Defence, and to support the next generation of Defence AI researchers.
DAIRNet is an initiative of the Department of Defence through the Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGTF). DAIRNet is managed in partnership with the University of South Australia.

we welcome participation from across australia, irrespective of geographic location, organisational affiliations and research discipline.

what we do

our mission

Connecting Defence opportunities with next generation AI solutions.


our vision

By empowering innovation and collaboration across diverse national AI capabilities, we will develop safe and secure AI solutions to provide advantages for Defence.


our objectives

people and talent icon

people and talent

Sustain a pipeline to grow domestic AI capability and AI-ready specialists.

research impact icon

research impact

Support R&D and provide the platform in which AI-users work alongside researchers and developers.

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integration and evolution

Bring together and support the broader Defence and AI ecosystems.