what is DAIRNet?

DAIRNet is the Defence Artificial Intelligence Research Network. It aims to establish and sustain a community of AI researchers working together in an environment that stimulates new ideas and knowledge, and supports evaluation, testing and integration of novel AI technologies for Defence.


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Researcher interacting with screen showing a face with data points. This is symbolic of artificial intelligence.

why AI?

Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence are a group of technologies that form one of Defence’s Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities, and include sensing and AI encompassing algorithms and machine learning and deep learning. The ability of Australian AI sector, including researchers and industry, to design and deliver these systems will enhance defence’s combat and training capability by:

DAIRNet manages artificial intelligence research calls with Defence, brings together thought leaders to provide strategic advice on technology developments in the sector and develops our next generation of Defence AI researchers through stem initiatives.